When is it Time to Replace My Doors?

You may be asking yourself this question for a variety of reasons, from damaging a door to wanting a change in style. As your home is used more, signs of wear and tear is inevitable. One of the first noticeable signs will be the doors in the home. This is due to the extremely high rate of use these pieces endure, constantly being opened, and closed throughout the day. Furthermore, the typical interior hollow doors are significantly less durable and are more likely to bruise, warp, and deform. Let us look at how to recognize these warning signs of door replacement, and how you should respond to them.

Big Indicators:

The following is a list of situations for when it is best to consider replacing broken door(s) in your home.

  • Do glass panes on the door have moisture or are foggy?
    • This is an indication of a failed seal around the glass that is inside the door, allowing water to enter from outside. Failure to respond promptly to this can result in mold and further damage to the door.
  • Have you recently had any excessive heat/water damage?
    • If your home has taken considerable water damage, it is wise to consider replacing damaged doors. Exterior doors should be prioritized due to their role in the security of your home.
  • Large cracks, warping, chipped or weathered paint.
    • Deformations such as the following can have a significant impact on the durability of the door. Along with the increased weakness, it decreases the overall style and beauty of the door.
  • Is it hard to open your doors?
    • Doors and designed and installed to be easily used for not only convenience, but also your safety in the case of an emergency. Ensuring you are properly able to open any main doorways in your home is crucial.

If any of your doors have one of these issues, it may be time to start exploring options available for replacement. Redstone Doors and Windows offers a variety of replacement exterior and interior door styles that can easily be installed in your home. Style and size are no problems, we are your one-stop shop when it comes to your doors. Additionally, materials such as wood, vinyl, steel, and aluminum are all available to match or upgrade the visual aspects of your home.

Visual Aesthetics

Aside from damages, you may just be looking for a new look or feel in your home. With people finally leaving their virtual home offices to their physical ones, there is no better time to get some last-minute renovations in to impress dinner guests again.

Patios and mixed outdoor-indoor dinning rooms have gained increasing popularity in the Treasure Valley. Idaho has a perfect spring and summer climate for these rooms, providing evening dinners with gorgeous gold sunsets. The Café and Dutch door styles (available at Redstone) have soared with this new trend, giving these new social areas an extra pop.

If you would like to learn more about replacements and view the variety of door styles, contact us or visit our Doors page.