Panda Doors

Panda Windows & Doors™ was established in 1991 in Las Vegas, Nevada with a goal to create beautiful pieces of functional glass that perform as well as they look. The company designed, manufactured, and delivered its first aluminum-framed folding door to a remodeled custom home located in Downtown Las Vegas. As design trends evolved and architects became interested in designing large moveable openings, Panda Windows & Doors™ found its niche market and began designing and engineering state-of-the-art custom glass wall systems that cater to the needs of both residential and commercial markets.

Today, Panda Windows & Doors™ offers more than 50 high-quality systems including Folding Doors, Lift & Slides, Horizontal Wall Systems, Pivot & French Doors, Multi-Slides, Retractable Screens, Panda-Select line, TS.X0, and Architectural Windows. Our systems have been installed in scenic destinations around the world!

Twenty-five years later, Panda’s presence continues to grow through its field representatives and distributors. With more than 70 employees and 30 regional agents throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean, this small family business has grown to become a powerhouse in the building and design community.


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Woodgrain Doors

Woodgrain is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hardwood and softwood stile and rail doors. With two manufacturing facilities, one in Nampa Idaho the company’s headquarters and the other in Los Angeles, Chile. Distributors, builders, remodelers, architects and homeowners rely on Woodgrain products to build quality homes for over 65 years. Woodgrain offers both interior and exterior solid core wood and MDF doors. With 10 different species of wood options along with paint grade doors. With thousands of different styles in design and panels, Woodgrain Doors is the best quality door option for your project.

Woodgrain doors are made in Nampa Idaho and the only Wood stile and door manufacture in the state. We are proud to represent a local favorite with deep local roots and unmatchable quality in its products.



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Sure-Loc Hardware

Sure- loc’s mission is to complete your home.

Since 2002 we have focused on designing products you’ll love with a quality you can feel. Once your house is filled with Sure-Loc products, it’s ready to become your home.

Sure-Loc Door Hardware features affordable style with a wide variety of designs to enhance both traditional and contemporary homes.

Ridgecrest Modern offers high quality, leading-edge styles. Built with high-end components and top finishes, Ridgecrest Modern will take your home to a higher level.

Ridgecrest Mountain is our elevated collection of door hardware. Its mountain contemporary design features split spindle latches, solid forged materials, and stunning finishes.

Complete your home with our bath hardware, barn door track and handles, as well as accessories that include house numbers, door stops, and closet hardware.

Sure-Loc’s distribution centers in Salt Lake City and Bentonville, Arkansas generally ship all orders within twenty-four hours. Keying services for keyed alike, construction, and master-keying requirements are also offered.

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Vinyl Material:
Vinyl Patio doors are a popular choice because it is affordable and durable option. Vinyl does not show scratches, is very thermal resistant, and will be easy on your budget. Vinyl windows are immune to changes in weather, very low maintenance, and have a long life span.
Steel Material:
Steel Doors are a great structural option for larger format openings in both windows and doors. Steel gives a sleek look and feel along with the needed architectural integrity. Steel windows are not typically as energy efficient as some of the other window materials.
Wood Material:
Wood interior and exterior doors are a classic favorite that offers a timeless look and feel, It can be stained or painted to achieve any look. Wood providing a solid long-term solution. We offer 10 different wood species and a paint grade door option as well.
Aluminum Material:
Aluminum Doors have a sleek modern look that allows for narrow site lines and consistency in materials with matching your window package. Aluminum is easy to maintain and makes for a versatile material in color options and door styles.
Door Types

Interior Door

We offer an endless list of interior door options form style, size, and material types. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to interior doors.

Exterior Door

Exterior doors are used for front and back access into your pace. A number of material are offered in exterior doors to accomplish any look and objective.

Bifold Door

Bifolds are doors that slide open, made from a series of panels that fold up against the wall like a concertina. Although conventional, single leaf doors are common in most modern homes, they can be incredibly inconvenient when you're trying to make the most of the space in your home.

Barn Door

Barn Doors slide on a track on the outside of a wall and cover it when open. This means that pocket doors slide between rooms and hallways.

Cafe Door

Cafe Doors are unique in that they allow the user to enter from either side of the doors without a handle. They swing out from either direction when the user pushes through them.

Dutch Door

Dutch Doors, were common in the Netherlands in the 17th century. They were devised for use as exterior doors on farmhouses to keep animals out and children in, while allowing air and light to come and go.

Panel Door

Panel Door are crafted not of one single piece of wood or other material, but instead is comprised of panels. Each of these panels will fit together in order to create the finished door.

French Door

French doors incorporate glass panels in the door, Originating from France and taken the world by storm with the unique architectural look and feel they offer.

Louver Door

Louver Door are arrangements of parallel, horizontal blades, slats, laths, slips of glass, wood, or other material designed to regulate airflow or light penetration. Louvers are often used in windows or doors in order to allow air or light in while keeping sunshine or moisture out.

Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors are swinging door that rotates on a spindle as opposed to butt hinges affixed to a frame. Pivot doors are normally larger and heavier than a typical hinged door. Very large door panels are used to give your project that WOW factor.

Plank Panel

Plank Panel doors can be similar in design to panel doors, but with panels made of large vertical slats—vertical boards placed side-by-side filling the width of the panel space. Door styles include planks running the entire vertical surface of the door.

Pocket Door

A pocket door is a sliding door that, when fully open, disappears into a compartment in the adjacent wall. Pocket doors are used for architectural effect, or when there is no room for the swing of a hinged door.

Sash Doors

Sash Doors are partly constructed of glass and the door sash refers to the glass part of that door. The sash may include a single pane of glass or a collection of smaller panels.

Side Lite

Sidelites are narrow, vertical windows positioned on either side of an entry door. Though they are commonly paired, it is possible to have a sidelite on just the right-hand or left-hand side of a doorway. Sidelites are often combined with a transom