Pinnacle Select Doors

The dream of building a home is realized through hard work. Both for the homeowner and designer, builders, and everyone else who is involved. At Redstone Windows and Doors we value the opportunity we have to renovate peoples homes by being a proud distributor of Windsor Windows and Doors. Homes of stature and grace call for awe-inspiring views to match. Our pinnacle select doors are perfect for any project, guaranteed to go above and beyond your standards.

Pinnacle Select Patio Doors – Reaching New Heights in Style

Introducing Pinnacle Select Patio Doors, an elite line of grand-scale patio door styles perfect for today’s majestic architectural homes. These doors are constructed from enhanced components for unsurpassed performance. Available in in-swing, out-swing, multi-slide and bi-folding styles, these doors are specifically designed for complementary interior and exterior space.

The Pinnacle Select Patio Doors include two construction options:

  • Thermally broken, heavy-duty all aluminum exterior and interior
  • Thermally broken, heavy-duty aluminum exterior and wood interior; choose from beautiful Pine or Doulas Fir wood.

With the countless options, expert craftsmanship and high-performance technology, these large-panel doors provide expansive full-glass views to the surrounding outdoor beauty in any season.

Pinnacle Select Multi-slide

For inspiring views from floor to ceiling / treetop to ground level, Windsor’s Select line of Multi-slide patio doors offer unique architectural appeal, blending the splendor of the outdoors with any interior space – living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom – the design possibilities are limitless.

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