Black Pinnacle Clad Multi Slide Door

Multi-slide patio doors are a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces with a blend of indoor and outdoor environments. These doors typically consist of multiple glass panels that slide along a track, allowing for wide openings and unobstructed views. 

  1. Multiple Panels:
    • These doors can have several panels that slide past one another or into a pocket in the wall.
    • Available in configurations with two, three, four, or more panels depending on the size of the opening and the design preference.
  2. Material Options:
    • Frames are commonly made from materials like aluminum, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl.
    • Each material offers different benefits in terms of durability, maintenance, and aesthetics.
  3. Glazing Options:
    • Multi-slide doors often feature energy-efficient glass options, including double or triple glazing, Low-E coatings, and argon gas fills to enhance thermal performance.
    • Tinted, tempered, or laminated glass options are also available for additional benefits like UV protection and safety.
  4. Track Systems:
    • Smooth-operating track systems ensure ease of use. Tracks can be recessed for a flush transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.
    • Options for traditional sliding or lift-and-slide mechanisms, which can provide a tighter seal and smoother operation.
  5. Configurations:
    • Can be designed to stack in one direction, split and stack on both sides, or disappear into a wall pocket.
    • Customizable to fit various architectural styles and opening sizes.