The Unique Pocket Door Style

The Unique Pocket Door Style

Doors open to new places, but at times also restrict them too. In your home, it is worth considering the different height and width a door takes up. What may seem like a big grand opening may lead to being inconvenient, heavy, and space consuming. A great balance between visual aesthetic and savings space would be the pocket style doors. Builders and homeowners have optimized this function to save space in the home and add a unique door style to the home. Their popularity has grown in the Treasure Valley, mainly being used in bathrooms and other utility spaces in the home.

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A pocket door is a sliding door that, when fully opened disappears into a compartment in the wall. These doors are used for architectural effect or when there is no room for the swing of a hinged door. Usually, a small latch or hook will also be inside the door to assist opening the door when it is completely hidden. Furthermore, they are usually built flush with the wall, floor, and celling which also provides a great amount of sound reduction.  The pocket doors use a rail and wheels to open and close, which can be easily cleaned by simply sliding the door open.

The wheels and railing are designed to last for years. If well maintained and oiled with simple cleaning supply such as WD-40, the pocket door is a great investment for your home.


Pocket doors have one of the most special styles on the market, allowing large spaces for openings within your home. A pocket door can be sized hundreds of different ways, from small bathroom interior doors to large sliding glass patio doors. Modern homes especially have taken this design, emphasizing large glass pocket doors to make it feel as if there were no walls in the home. For those enjoying the wonderful summer weather in northern Idaho, glass patio pocket doors are used for the entrance to an aesthetic outdoor dining area.

Overall, the pocket door is a great choice for any style of home. With its affordable cost, space saving functionality, and stylish look, any project goal or constraint can easily be achieved. To learn about getting your first pocket door, make sure to contact us here. We would also love to have you stop by our showroom located at 641 N Five Mile Rd, Boise Idaho where you can see more of our amazing products!