Luxury Vinyl Offering

Create stunning homes through color with Next Dimension painted vinyl from Windsor Windows & Doors. Next Dimension windows and doors allow you to get creative with your next project while offering the energy efficiency, cost savings, and durability of vinyl.

All Next Dimension products can be custom color matched with seven Standard Pinnacle clad colors by utilizing the AquaSurTech D200 paint system. AquaSurTech D200 paints are engineered to provide superior adhesion to PVC vinyl profiles and certified to meet the most stringent AAMA 615-05 paint standard for vinyl extrusions.


White vinyl interior is available with white, ivory, tan, bronze, cinnamon, hunter green or black exterior. Clay vinyl interior is available with bronze or black exterior.



               PAINTED VINYL INTERIOR COLORS         


       Benefits of Painted Vinyl

Safe, waterborne and environmentally friendly

Excellent coating with superior performance, even improving UV resistance of the substrate

Specifically developed for adhesion to PVC

Minimal heat absorption with maximum heat reflection

High abrasion and humidity resistance

Maintains color vibrancy

Enhanced color and gloss retention

Proven durability in all weather conditions

10-year warranty; no peeling, flaking or cracking

Easy care and cleaning; simply use a soft, wet cloth with a solution of mild detergent and water, rinse and wipe dry

Paint Specification

Meets AAMA 615-05

South Florida Weathering – 10-Year Exposure
– Color Retention – Maximum of 5 Delta E Units
– Chalk Resistance – Chalk = 8 (6 for White)
– Gloss Retention – Minimum of 50% Retention
– Erosion Resistance – Less than 10% Film Loss
– Humidity Resistance – 4,000 hours

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